In this universe, there is a giant data bank that records every activity from the moment each individual soul was created.


Therein lies Akasha. “Akasha” is a 5,000-year-old Sanskrit word for “the universe”.


The records in Akasha are known as “Akashic Records”.


Engraved in the Akashic Records are not only the records of the reincarnation of each and every soul on earth (both past and future lives), but every record including those of the activities found in stars and planets other than earth.


Individual souls are not constrained by time and space (location).


For instance, even if the past life immediately before your current life is that of an Egyptian man in the 5th century, your past life before that does not necessarily have to be in an era before that – it could be that of an Italian woman in the 11th century.


Furthermore, themes of each and every reincarnation are recorded in the Akasha. While this is not limited to human records and includes all sorts of data such as that of animals, plants and minerals, there are no criteria such as “good and bad”.


“Akashic Reading” refers to the act of accessing information of the Akasha and communicating such information.


Akashic Reading is often compared with internet searching. It may be easier to understand the process as conducting internet searches in order to obtain information from a space library.



In terms of upcoming (i.e. future) information, this comes in the order of those that are most likely to occur at this current stage.


Information from the Akasha greatly affects how you think and perceive things up until now. It will also help you understand and unleash the deep areas within you, in order for you to move one step forward.