Akashic Record Reading Session

Welcome to FELICIA NY

“Felicia” means “Blessing from God” or “Greatest Happiness”.


What is this Greatest Happiness referring to? It’s very simple.

“Feeling genuine joy from the fact that you were born in this world and living true to yourself

At Felicia, I conduct the following sessions and seminars, in order to help you realize this.


●Akashic Readings (Records of the Soul)

●Isiris 33 Method (Resolving issues & converting energy within one’s own subconscious mind)

●Channeling messages with the avatar’s (guardian’s) existence

●Various seminars

●Work that adopts methods/theories of drama therapy



I hope you will be able to realize, connect with, accept and unleash your own depths, in order to lead a happy life



Love Yourself & Your Life


Naomi, Host of Felicia  


* Japanese HP (日本語)⇨http://www.felicia4u.com


Love Yourself &Your Life★