・Face to face 60 min in a cafe


・Spatial cleansing



Please make sure to read the Terms of Use before applying.


Once you approve of the above, please apply via e-mail. 


*Japanese HP (日本語)⇨ Joy Laboratory TOKYO 






At Felicia, you will be first told of information on your soul, which has been received from Akasha (a massive storage of records in the universe). 


Furthermore, using the Energy Work , the issues that lie in your subconscious mind will be investigated and converted.


Through these two processes, the self-awareness, understanding, unleashing and new beginning within the depths will occur. 


Live this life feeling a sense of joy that you were born in this world


Felicia will help you accomplish this.




★ Individual session: Face-to-face/Skype session – 60 min

(face-to-face sessions in NY will take place in a cafe) 


Akashic Readings & Energy Work
(Resolution of issues within your subconscious mind)


Face-to-face/Skype – 60 min: 20,000 yen (NY: $200) 




Spatial cleansing


 (As a general rule, this is only for women. I will only accept requests from those who live with their family for men.)



1room:15,000 yen (NY: $150)  


1household: 35,000 yen (NY: $350) 




Please fill in ④ and send the mail form, when applying.


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Please include your phone number and delist the following e-mail address from your spam mail box, when applying.


If mail form does not work, please contact me directly at →


Your current name and birth name


Date of birth


Time and date in which you want the session to be held – up to three choices (excluding Sundays/public holidays)


Contact information (cell phone number etc.)


If you wish to bring up questions regarding lost ones or pets, please bring photos of them and/or their belongings with you.