The following are comments from attendees of Akashic Reading sessions with Naomi.













Thank you for your Akashic reading the other day, and I would like to share my experience I had with Naomi. My friend recommended her, and she had a very good experience with her so I decided to take a session with her out of curiosity to find find out where I came from and where I am going to in this life.

      She taught me the purpose of my life in this world. After being told about my past lives and the purpose of my life, I first felt very thankful for living in this world again with this physical “body” and even thankful for everyone around me. Not only that, I began to accept myself, and all the happenings around me positively as I now know that all the good things, and bad things happen for reasons. My Akashic record supported this fact.

      Naomi also guided me to the direction to fulfil the purpose of my life. I know that I am the one to make decision how to live and what judgement to make in my life. This session was totally a new experience for me, and it was a timing that I have become confident that I am allowed to live my own life in my own way because this is my life. Thank you very much for your wonderful session! (Ms. N) 



Hi Naomi,

Thank you so much for your Akashic reading session the other day. I asked you about my life including my past lives, and my family members. Since I met you, my perspective has changed a lot. I learned a lot about  what I did in the past lives, and how they influenced my current life and human relationships through your Akashic reading session.

      Although I have been felt stress with my daughters and my husband, I am not bothered with them no longer after your session. I thought that it was my responsibility to lead them, but I came to understand that each of them had each life purpose, so I did not have to feel pressure. I also figured out what they said and did in the past.      I feel free and happy.

      Naomi, you also mentioned about my future outlook, and it was a great impact for me. I could not believe it at first, but I decided to go with my life purpose, and gradually started going forward.

      Thank you again, and I am looking forward to seeing you in the second session.  (Ms. R)



★Since  I had no idea about Akashic record, I was not sure what Naomi would talk about me at the beginning of the session. However, once she started talking about my past lives, I was able to understand without any resistance because I have read several books of Brian Weiss and Neale Donald Walsch who are past life regression therapists. Naomi explained clearly why some of thoughts and intuition came up to my mind frequently in last couple of years, and this provided me deep understanding of who I am.

      Her reading about my relationship with my family and my life purpose made me interested in more about who I am and Akashic record. 

      I really appreciate that we met in this life again. Thank you.  (Ms. K)



Thank you for conducting Akashic Record Readings the other day.

When I first met you, I had lost my daughter. I was deprived of what would be considered a normal future for a parent – that of leading a normal life while watching my daughter grow up. I was at a loss as to how I should live my life, moving forward.

I was also blaming myself at the time – “my daughter might have still lived to this day, had I made a different choice” “it was my fault that my daughter passed away”.  However, I was saved when I was told the following:


-       The fact that my daughter would pass away at a young age was predetermined, even before birth

-       The fact that I as a parent have accepted my daughter’s resolution

-       The fact that my daughter has successfully accomplished her tasks of this life and has happily returned to the world of light

-       The fact that both my daughter and I have been reborn in close proximity numerous times.


      I fully understood what I was told were the tasks that my daughter and I faced in this life and was also able to accept my daughter’s death. 

And yet, I am burdened with loneliness, knowing that I will never be able to see my daughter in this life again.

Rather than overcoming this grief, I choose to live with this loneliness as best as I can. Believing that I am being protected by my daughter and sensing her love, I hope that I will be able to say to her “Mommy lived her life as best as she could!” the next time we meet. 

Thank you so much. (Ms. F)



Ms. Naomi, thank you for the spectacular time the other day.

Although I had a general sense of what Akashic Readings were based on what I’ve heard beforehand from my friend, as well as through reading your blog, tears naturally ran down my face when I actually undergone the readings. It was truly a marvelous experience. 

For instance, experiences from my past life are engrained within me to this day like DNA, which explains why I like to discover rocks and plants and was always fascinated with rock strata…

I would also be interested in small things that others would not be that interested in…These all made sense to me now.

I felt really refreshed the whole day, as though I became a different person. 

Thank you so much. (Ms. Y) 



This all happened one morning.

As I was washing dishes at the kitchen, I was thinking about the individual session and reading that occurred a few days ago. I felt Ms. Naomi’s great love and was in tears.

Even now, from time to time, I am reminded of this and feel as though I am wrapped around in warmth.

Since March, I have attended Felicia three times – once for the individual session, another for the oracle card reading lecture and a third time for the Akashic Record Reading. 

In all of these, the information that is provided to me is filled with wonder and joy.

Although I somehow try to express this in words, I am simply unable to verbally describe how I felt at that moment.

      I remember during the first reading when I sobbed – I knew that I would be accepted here and felt a sense of security.  

I was also surprised to learn how detached  I was from my mother in this life, as well as the fact that it was determined that my soul would be resolved in my 50s (I only have 3 years left).

At that time, I did not feel that it was that big of a deal.

However, I learned later that this was really a major issue.

We also talked about a lot of things that made me so happy that I wanted to jump up and scream. Afterwards, for a long period of time, I felt as if I was cheerfully walking on top of clouds. 

In any case, I cannot begin to express my gratitude towards you.

My life has vastly changed.

      I am now a completely different person, compared to who I was when I first stood in front of the door of your home.

From here onward, I would like to resolve issues and move forward one step at a time, from the bottom of my heart. 

Even during moments when I am lost, I feel at ease moving forward, knowing that Ms. Naomi is there for me. 

Thank you so much.

I look forward to meeting with you again. (Ms. K)



Thank you so much for the other day, Ms. Naomi.

Afterwards, I listened to the audio recording over and over again, writing down words. I was able to draw a line connecting each and every event and thought that I experienced up until that point.

I had so much more I wanted to ask you, but I barely managed to accept head-on what was occurring in front of my eyes.

      Next time, I’ll make sure to create a list of questions beforehand. 

It was also memorable that, prior to meeting with you, I picked the oracle card with the message “TRUE” written on it.

Thank you so much for the deeply important messages.

I’ll make sure to address words to my heart time and time again, while moving forward one step at a time! (Ms. H)



Hello, Ms. Naomi.

I would like to report something to you today. 

I was told during the Akashic Reading that I would be making a “Lifebook”, similar to a photobook.

Afterwards, upon numerous trials and errors with my business partner, what was previously not considered to be a business on “Lifebooks” suddenly became a “Lifebook business”, through gradual shifts in direction.

I decided to create a Lifebook of my mother for my first project.

While it may be different from the “Lifebook” you envisioned at that time, I felt that this was the vision you were talking about, when you said that “your mother is repeatedly flipping through what appears to be an album”.

My mother was really happy when she saw the photo album, after it was completed.

I look forward to meeting with you again someday. (Ms. K)



Thank you for the other day.

I was instantly filled with a sense of gratitude, when the session was over. Gratitude towards having a body and living in this time, at this very moment. Gratitude towards everyone I am involved with.

I also felt as though I was able to perceive the events I experienced and the things that make me unique in a positive light.

Instead of thinking “I shouldn’t do such and such”, I can now go easy on myself. I also received advice from you on specific actions moving forward and I was able to come up with an image of these.

     Through Ms. Naomi’s sessions, I was able to understand that all I need to do was to let in the information from the Akashic Readings.

By doing so, I was able to feel comfort and gratitude.

This was something new to me.

I am so glad that I was able to attend your sessions when I made a firm decision to live true to myself. 

 Thank you. (Ms. S) 



Thank you again for today, Ms. Naomi. 

My daughter and friend also took turns attending readings today – they also had a very nice time.

We all spent some time sharing what we experienced, after it was all over.

I believe I gained so much from the Akashic Readings.

All of my friends who’ve met you say the same thing:


-       “I felt at ease, when I changed the way I perceive things”

-       “The fact that I was at a loss as to which direction I should move towards enabled me to open up a path that I can start from”

-       “My love has deepened and helped improve my family/personal relationships”


      It also became clear to me what I needed to cherish, which greatly changed the way I value things. That was a very lovely sensation.

      There are numerous instances in which what I was told during a session would actually occur in real life, which was strange. Recently, I’ve began to wait in anticipation for things that I’ve intentionally wished for to occur, without any anxiety or doubt.

This is fantastic motivation for me to enjoy my daily life.

I look forward to meeting with you again next time.  (Ms. R)