・Introductory course


Expansion course



Oracle cards are tools that allow you to figure out answers to your inner self, as well as receive messages from guides.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could decipher messages you receive on your own? 


Sessions at Felicia begin by adjusting the balance between your body and soul through breathing.


By adjusting the 7 major energy centers in your body known as chakras, you will be able to decipher messages as a whole through colors/shapes/patterns, while connecting to the earth and universe.


I accept requests to attend the sessions on occasion.


For lectures that require business trips, transportation fees will be added (transportation fees will be decided through consultation with the client).


Please select up to three dates of your choice, when applying.


Introductory Course


Through connection with answers that lie within you, messages are deciphered using colors/shapes/patterns.


You will also learn about and experience the seven chakras within your body. Afterwards, you will use both oracle cards and Felicia’s chakra cards to decipher where the blocks are located within you.



Expansion Course


Gain a deeper understanding of the avatars (guardians or guides) and connect with your own avatar. Through the cards, you will be able to receive messages from such avatars.


I will also explain about numerology. You will create a number card filled with your energy and will be taught how to decipher cards through Kabbalah and Pythagorean numerology, as well as the meaning of angel numbers.



<Attendance Times/Fees>

Per class: 2.5~3 hours (Individual attendance)    25,000 yen ($260)

Per class: 3.5 hours (Two or more attendees)
20,000 yen

Re-attendance: 10,000 yen ($110)


E-mail address for applying:


Please fill in your name, date of birth and phone number I can contact during the day of the session (e.g. cell phone number), when applying.